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Pre-Order - This book launches on June 15th.

(A Wider Bridge Edition) Written by Ariel A. Pereira, Foreword by Toby Klein, Illustrated by Ariella Menaker, Edited by Megan Rohrer


Genre: Transgender, Memoir, Israel



There have been many times in my life when I felt I was going through a drastic change, but the last few years have been particularly full of it. Sometimes your whole world is suddenly rocked upside down, and the only way you can imagine going through it is to try and be reborn.

After losing my mother to sickness, I felt like my identity of an orthodox Jewish French girl was not true to myself anymore.


I started transitioning, and questioning everything, especially God.


This book is the story of how I felt in a time that was like a walk through the desert, hoping to get to the promised land, which ultimately is peace of mind.


I invite you to take this journey with me, and hopefully feel less alone in your own quest for home and love.



Homebound: As I Carried Home the Pieces of My Soul

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