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the Kilian Colin

Kilian Colin is a storyteller and author of fiction novels and wartime memoirs, celebrated for his captivating narratives and intricately crafted characters. Originally from Baghdad, Kilian brings the rich cultural heritage of his hometown to life in his writing, drawing inspiration from his experiences in science and his dedication to advocating for human rights.

Outside the realm of storytelling, Kilian seeks solace in the tranquil shores of San Diego, where he enjoys leisurely walks along the beach, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of traditional Iraqi music by Salima Pasha Murad and Salah Daoud Al-Kuwaiti.

Work in Progress

Just Another Butterfly

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We are all butterflies, beautifully spreading joy and happiness; because of the marginalization and persecution queer people face, may cause us to have shorter, more fleeting lives than our

cis-gendered and hetero-normative majority, we need to amplify our stories and accompany each other.

Support our non-profit as we seek to educate and support queer people internationally.

We believe LGBTQIA+ folx need real support.

On average, globally, 1% of all adults consider themselves queer, with Generation Z (born 2010 - 2020) as high as 4%. As a marginalized group of people we believe in support and accompaniment through challenges of life.

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