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The Cat Who Names Herself is playful book about a cat who ponders her name as she considers the qualities she values about herself. This book is dynamically illustrated in a variety of artistic styles, helping the reader consider a diversity of ways of expressing and understanding the world. An excellent read for children of all ages who might be going through a discovery or rediscovery of self. The Cat Who Names Herself is wholly written, illustrated and published by queer/trans people.

The Cat Who Named Herself

  • Jenny Alexander-Allen (they/she) is a nonbinary queer woman. Jenny received an MFA in Creative Writing, Fiction from Minnesota State University, Mankato and worked as both a Literature teacher and a youth program coordinator before enrolling at United Lutheran Seminary, Gettysburg as an entranced candidate for Word and Sacrament. She lives with their wife and two mischievous and loveable cats.

  • Cain Waters (he/they) is a trans artist who specialises in line art and watercolours, with people as their main inspiration. He’s been an active traditional artist for years though always wanting to try out new projects and mediums.


    Ash Barnard is a queer local cartoonist and patch maker based in the Lekwungen territories of so-called "British Columbia". As a queer activist, it is important to her to acknowledge the land upon which she is an uninvited guest, and strives to learn and grow to make such acknowledgements meaningful.

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