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The Vengeful is the third book in Kilian Colin's The Marshman Series. Set in the Marshlands of Iraq, this series provides a thought-provoking glimpse into the life of an indigenous Sumerian community in Mesopotamia, known as the Ahwari Marsh Arabs. The Vengeful tells one of Enkidu’s compelling life stories. Reincarnated in the city of Mosul in northern Iraq during its occupation by ISIS, Enkidu becomes entangled in a same-sex love story with Amjad, an ISIS fighter kidnapped from Aleppo and forced into their ranks. Enkidu evolves from an antihero to a leader of the Queers for Liberation movement within ISIS-controlled territory, weaving a tale rich in pride, love, and vengeance.


Kilian Colin is a renowned storyteller and author of fiction novels and wartime memoirs, celebrated for his captivating narratives and intricately crafted characters. Originally from Baghdad, Kilian brings the rich cultural heritage of his hometown to life in his writing, drawing inspiration from his experiences in science and his dedication to advocating for human rights.


Outside the realm of storytelling, Kilian finds solace on the tranquil shores of San Diego, where he enjoys leisurely walks along the beach, accompanied by the enchanting melodies of traditional Iraqi music by Salima Pasha Murad and Salah Daoud Al-Kuwaiti.


Stay updated with Kilian's latest works and musings by following him on Twitter @TheKilianColin or by exploring his literary universe on his website

The Vengeful: A Tale of Queer Love, Loss and Justice Amidst the Shadow of War Ag

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