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Amazon #1 Bestseller - New Release Transgender Non-Fiction!

Signed by the author.  Choose full color paperback or black and white hard cover editions.   

This book includes 132 pictures, primarily of sacred trans art from Early Christianity through the Reformation.


Trans The*logy Without Apology is a mix of academic and memoire styled writing, inspired by Comstock’s (1993) Gay Theology Without Apology.  Megan Rohrer, went on pilgrimage around the globe to find over 130 images of the trans aesthetic from Early Christianity through the Reformation.   Sharing hard to find materials in one collection, this book reminds contemporary audiences that trans and gender non-conforming leaders have been integral figures betwixt and between the pages of biblical texts and serving in faithful leadership since the beginning of Christianity.


First, trans themes and metaphors about G*d the creator and characters within the Genesis/Bereshit is explored utilizing trans affirming Rabbinical insights.  Then, exploration of the life, death and resurrected body of Jesus is used to uncover veiled metaphors in the transfiguration and wounds of Christ.  Next, stories of saints with a trans aesthetic are discussed. The book encourages readers to affirm transness in the image of G*d, their own lives and the full life of the Christian church.

Trans The*logy Without Apology

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